About Us

Zinakenjalo Hygiene 



We Care, first & foremost . We seek to make an impactful change in society and improve lives & we will.

Zinakenjalo Hygiene is 100% black female owned manufacturing and hygiene company.
Our goal is to improve personal hygiene through offering locally manufactured products. Our products are affordable and accessible to all women because all women should have access to quality sanitary towels particularly young scholars.

Your self-care is our number 1 priority




 Building, empowering and strengthening a health free and hygiene conscious generation









Restoring human dignity through offering quality locally  manufactured  products at affordable prices. Our products are designed for all women and accessible regardless of social and

economic class. We care for our environment thus we aim to also improve sanitation by providing sanitation improvement solutions. 


  • We Care. Caring is the heart of our business. We seek to make an impactful change in society & we have already started
  • Zinakenjalo Hygiene is a 100% black female owned manufacturing company formed in 2017
  • Zinakenjalo is also trading as ZKK Hygiene and our current focus is sanitary pads distribution
  • We currently produce sanitary products, manage sales & marketing and the distribution of sanitary pads
  • Women empowerment is key to our business - menstrual hygiene educational tips and entrepreneurial talks are delivered at schools upon product deliveries
  • Our goal is to set up a national footprint and strategically target Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Eastern Cape for manufacturing facilities
  • Our vision is to ensure that our products are affordable and accessible to many young girls through school distribution programmes in South Africa and soon to mother Africa at large
  • We take pride in producing high quality sanitary pads at very affordable prices
  • The lack of sanitary improvement systems affects our products directly. We must take care of our environment particularly at government schools and rural communities thus we aim to also provide sanitary product waste management systems
  • Personal hygiene improvement is our passion, we aim to improve personal care through distribution of products that will instil human dignity. Our belief is that personal hygiene should not be an economical issue or compromise human dignity as that has a direct impact on the health and well being of each individual
  • Zinakenjalo motto/ tagline: Your self-care is our number 1 priority